How can I Join Coinsurge?

Joining CoinSurge is very easy, all you have to do is click on the signup button above or click Here to get started

What is the minimum percentage that an investor can earn on CoinSurge?

The minimum percentage that an investor can earn from CoinSurge is 3%

How much can you earn?

Well there is no limit to what you can earn, the more your investment the more you earn..

What is the reward system?

There are lots of rewards when you refer CoinSurge to other users,you stand to get bonuses to your account.

When and how do I get paid?

Getting paid is easy, as soon as you deposit funds for the plan of your choice. You get paid at the end of the plan.

Which Currencies are supported?

CoinSurge supports various type of currencies which are Bitcoin, Bitcash, ethereum

How long will the money arrive in my account after the withdrawal process?

It will take within 30 minutes - 2 hours to receive money into your account.